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Marlowfilm Productions secures funding for development of eight-part drama series We, The Drowned, based on the novel by Carsten Jensen.

Currently in late stages of development, the TV project based on Carsten Jensen’s best-selling novel, will be directed by Danish born Hollywood-based Mikael Salomon, episodic director of Steven Spielberg’s Band of Brothers, and multi-awarded cinematographer (The Abyss). Norway’s experienced writer Jan Trygve Røyneland handles the screen adaptation.

The epic historical TV series will focus on a group of men on the high seas and the women and children who await their return amidst the deepest betrayals and unexpected loves, from the sun-bleached Caribbean to distant Australia, from mystic Shanghai to glittering New York.

Chris Stewart, Commercial Director at Banijay Rights, said: “We’re very pleased to be partnered with MARLOWFILM Productions on this exciting new drama from Mikael Salomon, one of the industry’s most renowned and respected directors. We, The Drowned is the perfect example of a local story with a truly global appeal, focusing on timeless and universal themes of adventure, love, desire, grief and the passage of time, which we know will strike a chord with international audiences.”

Deborah Marlow, Creative Producer at MARLOWFILM Productions added: “We are fortunate to have a wealth of gorgeous material to work with and an immensely dedicated and talented team to nurture it. Having the visual prowess of Salomon, the linguistic eloquence of Trygve, and the support from Banijay Rights is quite the cocktail. We couldn’t be more excited.”

Nordisk Film & TV Fond, 10/2018.


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MARLOWFILM Productions

I thank my friend and colleague Patrick Degan at #nonfictionunlimited for calling me to produce this film for #Google. For over 15 years I have enjoyed each and every possibility to work with them but this one was extra special in ways too complicated to name here. Watch it and you will probably understand. This is a true story with a reenactment from the real players. I am so appreciative for all the expertise involved that was needed to pull this off; locally, regionally, and yes, even nationally. There is a long version of this production which is truly for the books and makes my heart race just seeing this. All I can say is 'Hat's off' to you all. I can't tag those who aren't on FB but it's a long list. And for those naysayers freaking out about who's watching who and why? I get you. But these are the juicy bits that make the discussion more nuanced.Since the dawn of cell phones, first responders have struggled to locate many emergency callers who are unable to describe their locations. In 2016, a small ... ... See MoreSee Less

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