MARLOWFILM PRODUCTIONS is singularly focused on film production services in Denmark. We are based in the vibrant creative hub of Scandinavia, in beautiful, progressive, and historic Copenhagen.

Since relocating to Denmark from Los Angeles in 2001, MARLOWFILM has gained a reputation for quality film production, creative collaboration, professional service and economic transparency.


MARLOWFILM PRODUCTIONS offers a unique approach to film production service, coupling Danish sensibility and innovative solutions with international ambitions and expectations.

MARLOWFILM provides experienced personnel and intelligent solutions for feature films, TV dramas, commercials, documentaries, corporate films, and music videos. All productions are controlled through MM Budgeting and Scheduling, and all crews are fluent in English, with a charming little accent.



MARLOWFILM PRODUCTIONS is dialed in – we have the reputation and the network to make things happen. Our magic rolodex has the best talent, the proper authorities, the hidden gems – all the bits and pieces that will make your experience in Copenhagen simply outstanding. Over 30 years of international film production experience result in an ease of process unparalleled in Denmark.

Danes value honesty and integrity in everything they commit themselves to. At MARLOWFILM PRODUCTIONS we also insist on having fun and keeping the tone pleasant. We treat our clients with respect for their ambitions and limitations, and we treat our crews with respect for their craft and contributions. And then we can all go home happy.


Advertising, marketing, PR and branding have had to reinvent themselves repeatedly throughout the past decade. Trying to keep up with the impact of new technologies, the vulnerability of transparency and the high demands of consumers often puts brands in compromising positions. And only a few brands have been savvy in navigating those somewhat treacherous waters.

Brands, however, are not just news articles, social media posts and stock ticker symbols. At their core, brands are people: fascinating, sensitive, vulnerable and fallible. Telling stories keeps brands real, employees loyal, and shareholders hopeful. Showing them something authentic, dynamic and appealing will hold their attention among the cacophony of visual material available today.

MARLOWFILM will help you tap into the human energy behind your great brand and shape the conversation you want people to have. We make films people want to see, want to share, want to emulate. Working closely with your comms teams, we help you source volumes of simple stories which can broaden and strengthen the complexity of the brand and archive your legacy.

MARLOWFILM draws from an international talent pool, creating unique content which is economically sensible, creatively ambitious, and boldly executed while unleashing the essence of your brand identity.

Take off your mask and let’s play ball.

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